16 Jan 2018 
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 GetSubItem Function
Article For Getting values from a list view we can use the function “GetSubItem”

Syntax is

Var = Window().WinlistView().GetSubItem (Row, “Column Name”)

Below code retrieves shop stock of first row of Enquiry interface.

VbWindow("frmMain_2").ActiveX("Toolbar").VbToolbar("tbrPos").Press "Enquiry"
VbWindow("frmMain_2").VbWindow("frmInquiry").ActiveX("SSTab").VbEdit("txtBarcode").Set "100021"
VbWindow("frmMain_2").VbWindow("frmInquiry").ActiveX("SSTab").VbEdit("txtBarcode").Type micreturn
dim i
i=VbWindow("frmMain_2").VbWindow("frmInquiry").ActiveX("SSTab").VbListView("lvwPrice").GetSubItem(0,"Shop Stock")
Here 0 is Rownumber
Shop Stock is column name.

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